Art: Resin Art by Jason Arbizu - One of a Kind: "Storm Barrel"

RWorld surfboard craftsman and artist Jason Arbizu takes his resin working skills, honed over 20 years making surfboards,to create beautiful, surf- and nature-inspired one of a kind pieces of art. These are 100% resin, not paint. If you've ever worked with resin you know that you only have about 15 minutes to work with the composition before the resin "kicks" and starts hardening. That's one of the things that makes these pieces so amazing. You are getting the exact moment when the flash of inspiration strikes the artist. He has no time to self-edit or revise his creative spark. All pieces are sanded to a high gloss finish.

Note: Because the pieces are quite heavy, please call or email us to make arrangements for shipment.  


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Type: Custom Art

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